Uhde Evaluator

The Uhde Evaluator is the gold standard for continuously monitoring and evaluating performance and safeguarding the electrolysis cells in thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers electrolysis plants. It measures and analyzes single element voltages and operating parameters.

To ensure maximum safety, the voltage of each single element is measured 125 times per second with an accuracy of 3mV.

Based on these precise measurements the diagnosis and prognosis of single element conditions is carried out. The condition of the single elements is evaluated and rated using a variety of measured values, analytical results and assembly data, considering the following

  • Single element voltages

  • Single element current efficiencies

  • Single element power consumption rates

  • Current voltage curve parameters (k and U0)

  • Residual coating thicknesses and potentials measured

  • Accumulated current/quantity of Cl2 und NaOH produced

  • Accumulated membrane and coating operating times

  • Repairs and guarantees for coating and membranes

Based on the resulting trends, future conditions for single elements are forecasted. Potential critical conditions are highlighted, allowing early countermeasures to be taken for the elements concerned during a regular shut down.

Uhde Evaluator

Uhde Evaluator

Uhde Evaluator – key benefits

  • Safe plant operation, e.g. due to pinhole detection during polarization test and start-up

  • Plant safety, e.g. by SIL 1 (optional SIL 2) classified shut-down functions

  • On-point maintenance, e. g. by prognosis function for single elements based on a large variety of parameters

  • Clear reporting, e.g. due to the cockpit view and data export functions

  • Simplified troubleshooting, e.g. due to configurable trends to determine correlations