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Technology Service

Covestro (former Bayer Material Sc.)

Covestro (former Bayer Material Sc.)


Capacity: 395,000 t/year of NaOH, 351,000 t/year of Cl2

Process: Chlor-Alkali

Licence: thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers

Contract: EPCm

Covestro (former Bayer Material Sc.)

Key Highlights of Full Service 2014/2015:

Scope of supply: new v5 anode halfshells and cathode recoating for 6 electrolyzers, recoating of anode and cathode electrodes for 12 electrolyzers, element accessories

Scope of services: removal of elements from electrolyzers, disassembly and reassembly of elements, installation of recoated/upgraded elements in electrolyzers