Skid Mounted Chlorine Plants

Leuna-Harze GmbH

Leuna-Harze GmbH

Leuna, Germany (Commissioning 2012)

Capacity: 15,000 t/year of Cl2

Process: Chlor-Alkali

Licence: thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers

Contract: EPC LSTK

Leuna-Harze GmbH

Key Highlights:

Project: Skid Mounted Chlorine Plant (total 16 skids)

Scope of Supply: Electrolysis, Catholyte Circulation, Brine Dechlorination, Cl2 and H2 Cooling and Filtration, Brine Filtration, Secondary Brine Purification, Waste Gas Dechlorination, Sodium Hypochlorite Production