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Skid Mounted Plants

Skid-mounted sodium hypochlorite production

Sodium hypochlorite (bleaching eye) is one of the commercial chemicals typically produced by thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers skid-mounted chlorine plants.

Used for water potabilization, for its disinfectant properties or as an active component for cleaning products formulation, sodium hypochlorite is at the basis of the water disinfection and cleaning industries, and is produced by direct reaction between the chlorine and caustic soda resulting from the electrolysis process.

thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers’ skid-mounted unit for bleach production is a high-efficiency unit that can be designed to specific customer capacity requirements, from 4 to 40 tons per day of absorbed chlorine. The unit is delivered complete with preassembled equipment, piping, instrumentation, electrical wiring and is pre-tested to the maximum extent in our qualified workshops. Due to its compact design, this unit can also be installed in existing plants with limited space availability.

  • Compact design, reduced layout
  • High efficiency
  • Reduced installation activities on site
  • For new plants or for plant modernization