Skid Mounted Plants

Skid-mounted chlorine drying

In skid-mounted chlorine plants from thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers the chlorine and hydrogen cooling and filtration systems are integral part of the electrolysis group.

For the production of HCl or sodium hypochlorite, no further treatment is necessary for those gases. If dry chlorine is requested for downstream processes or chlorine liquefaction, a dedicated chlorine drying system is necessary. Our chlorine drying system is based on the use of a proprietary single drying tower, where the drying efficiency of high-concentration sulfuric acid is maximized by the special internals. This design has the advantage of reduced capital cost versus the traditional design with two towers, and a more compact footprint.

Chlorine Treatment

The skid-mounted design for the chlorine drying tower incorporates all the advantages of the single tower concept and the possibility to receive the system on site pre-assembled and pre-tested to the maximum extent. The drying column is supplied in two separate skids to be connected on site, reducing installation activities to the maximum extent. The chlorine drying, cooling and liquefaction system is completely available in skid-mounted configuration, and can also be installed for the modernization or debottlenecking of existing plants.

Transportation to site in standard containers allows easy delivery even to remote areas.

  • Single tower for chlorine drying
  • Compact design, high efficiency
  • Reduced installation activities on site
  • For new plants or for plant modernization/debottlenecking