Other Applications

HCl ODC application in other processes

HCl recycling can be implemented in many other production processes, but they pose certain challenges:

  • fumed silica production - challenge: high level of SiO2 in HCl
  • PVC production - challenge: organics
  • Chlorination of PVC – challenge: organics, aqueous HCl
  • Fertilizer production (e.g. potassium sulfate) – challenge: sulfate level
  • Metal pickling – challenge: metals, aqueous HCl
  • And many others…

Closing the water balance is another challenge but possible. Several options are available:

  • HCl purge
  • Selling of lean HCl
  • HCl concentration unit
  • Mixed operation with gaseous and liquid HCl
  • Use of lean HCl in other units

Impurity handling is critical for HCl-ODC operation. thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers has some options to test HCl feeds’ suitability for the HCl-ODC technology.

The easy way is to deploy our lab cells.
  • In 1 dm² lab cells the impact of spiked HCl feeds on the performance is being tested.
  • Alternatively HCl from clients can be directly fed to the cells.

  • Other HCl feeds than from MDI/TDI can be directly tested and qualified for use at the customer’s site.
  • HCl pretreatment steps as well as process optimizations can be implemented.
  • It is ready for shipment and can reach every customer in a few weeks only.

The HCI-OCD Test Skid brings the HCI-ODC to the customers.

Skid battery limits:

  • Input: Concentrated HCl, NaOH solution in IBCs, Cooling or Process Water, O2, N2
  • Outlet (to be deposed): Diluted HCl, Hypochlorite solution in IBCs,
  • Alarm & Trip Signals to DCS...

The new full scale test facility in Gersthofen will bring the process development to a new level.

Startup of new HLT4 (High Load Test-facility) at our development center on CABB GmbH’s, Gersthofen site in Germany:

  • From beginning of 2017 the new full scale test facility will be available for testing.
  • Tests with current densities of up to 7 kA/m² are possible.
  • Two separate anolyte circuits enable to test and qualify two separate HCl-feeds simultaneously.
  • Pretreatment steps can be tested and qualified for deployment at customer’s site.