BM electrolysis technology

BM 2.7 chlor-alkali electrolysis technology

tk Uhde Chlorine Engineers' proven BM 2.7 electrolysis technology combines the positive accomplishments of the past with the advantages of the latest developments. The combination of a zero gap design with the single element philosophy creates a unique technology which offers three key benefits:

  • Significant energy savings:
    With the zero gap design the utilizable area of the membrane is maximized. This lowers energy consumption significantly. This positive effect is supported by a more equalized current distribution to the membrane and an improved release of gas bubbles reducing possible stagnation of the gas transport inside the single cell.
  • 100% leakproof throughout the entire service life:
    The Uhde single element design with its unique sealing and hose system ensures a complete leakproof electrolysis cell up to a pressure of 4.7 bar (g). The torque force applied to the nuts and bolts of the flange system ensures leak tightness during the entire service lifetime.
  • Extension of membrane service life:
    Running the membranes in an optimal contact pressure window ensures the zero gap across the full active area and increases the service life of the membranes. The applied contact pressure force between all elements within one stack – smoothly transmitted with minimized friction because of the new rolls on top of the flange system – is the determining factor for the spring force of the elastic elements.
    The new design therefore allows direct control of the contact pressure applied to the membranes independently of the force responsible for the leak tightness of the single cell element.

History of performance improvement of the BM series

History of performance improvement of the BM series