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Our R&D team enables us to innovate for our customers - together

A great basis! The merger to form thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers has doubled our R&D capabilities. The combined know-how and experience of the former Uhde Electrolysis and CEC allow us to exploit synergies in the development of our conventional and advanced technologies. This also opens possibilities to engage and innovate in new electrochemical processes, such as energy storage.

As a technology-driven company, we are committed to ensuring that our technologies are among the best. We are constantly striving to expand our technology range, either by adding new technologies on a proprietary basis or through research and development in cooperation with partners and customers.

We always look for the best solution for our customers. For us, the focus is on the efficient use of raw materials and resources, improving operating economy, achieving higher production volumes, increasing plant availability, and helping our customers achieve their goals with regard to relevant ecological and social aspects such as environmental compatibility, energy efficiency, climate protection and safety.

Our research facilities, including pilot units located worldwide, and our highly skilled employees, including scientists, chemists, process and chemical engineers, mechanical engineers and technicians, are among the world's leading technology developers for the electrochemical industry. They repeatedly set new standards and introduce advanced technologies. This applies in equal measure to new plants, the upgrading of existing facilities and the opening-up of new fields of application for proven technologies and services.

R&D Power

One of our industrial scale test facilities for chlor-alkali electrolysis (CABB Gersthofen, Germany).

  • Basic research in the field of industrial electrochemistry and in the performance of analytical evaluations, in partnerships with universities, research institutes, partners and customers
  • Design, calculations and simulations in electrochemistry, electrochemical reactor design, transport phenomena, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical engineering, materials and construction techniques
  • Design, erection and operation of test facilities, from lab cell units to full-size prototypes and pilot plants, for the scale-up and validation of technology improvements or new technologies
  • Working close to our customers, with involvement in the field of operating plants and/or design for manufacturing

  • Continuous improvement of the long-standing tradition of IEM chlor alkali electrolyzers, complemented by an advanced balance of plant units and services (e.g. brine purification) and upgrades/retrofits of existing cells
  • Leading technologies with high energy efficiency, such as HCl-ODC and NaCl-ODC
  • Innovative solutions for tomorrow, e.g. energy storage technologies for water electrolysis and redox flow batteries, electrochemical water cleaning